CrossFit is the newest and fastest growing program in sport performance training and the core of what we do. The CrossFit Chino Hills curriculum focuses on functional fitness that incorporates everyday movements with different load capacities and time requirements….

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Healthy Eating Group (HEG)

You can’t out train a bad diet. We have a wonderful support group to learn how to eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Personal Training

Personalized training with one of our talented instructors can help you achieve your goals quickly.

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HIIT Bootcamps

Exclusive to CFCH, HIIT™ is a high energy 45-minute class that blends a fast-paced cardio workout with high interval weight training. Similar to boot camp or a sport clinic, this class is perfect for the athlete looking for a non-stop, action-packed bout of exercise, without the heavy weightlifting…

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Yoga, with its unique synergy of body and breath work, is perfect when your reserves are running low.

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