Carol Ann Arredondo

CrossFit Descendants

  1. How did you hear about CrossFit?
    From my Husband, Marco,whom started CrossFitting in 2006 in our garage and at the fire station. We have always been in some type of fitness activity during our past 30 ys being together ranging from running marathon, triathlons, cycling and body building so naturally we had to progress to Wodding together!! I am so happy that both my girls Crossfit as well. A family that CrossFits and prays together- Stays together!!
  2. What is your favorite WOD?
    I enjoy coming in the Box and getting a workout in. Being around all the members of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels always makes me truly happy. We share a bond that creates such wonderful friendship that I will always cherish and can’t help but want everyone to experience it!
  3. Favorite exercise or lift?
    I prefer running and body weight movements. I enjoy cardio and endurance more than the heavy lifting. 
  4. What stations would we find on your Pandora?
    Love R & B, Rock, country, EDM, Old school, Sam smith, I love it all except Elvis!
  5. What do you like to do besides CrossFit?
    Movies, church, Jogging, hiking, relaxing at home, going to the beach, and anything I can do with my family and Husband. I also love to get together with my girlfriends!

Accolades: B.S Degree from USC Dental School,1988 – R.D.H, CPR, CrossFit Level 1, Crossfit Weightlifting

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