Jenni W.

Today was my 1st bikini day at the beach with my newly transformed Crossfit body--it felt awesome to reap the rewards of my Healthy Eating Group weight loss and WOD efforts! I'm so thankful for my new CrossFit Decendants family and coaches!😍🌴☀️💪🏻

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Nicole A

I started my fitness journey back in October at CrossFit Descendants ! I have seen major changes in my body and feel healthier than I ever have!! Results don't happen over night but every time I'm at the gym I feel great and have never had so much support from my fellow gym buddies and coaches !

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J. Papero

After having my daughter I struggle to lose weight, I was exercising and still gaining weight! I could not figure out why I was gaining weight when I was only eating two meals a day. I was really depressed and not happy with myself at all. I finally decided to join the Healthy Eating Challenge with coach Carol at CrossFit Descendants and it was one of the best decisions I have made. (more…)
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Murillo Family

My husband, daughter, and I all started CrossFit in December. We love the support that we have had throughout these past few months and look forward to this journey as we become stronger and healthier individuals. (more…)
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William M.

Awesome! I love it ! Great workout with instructors that understand how to motivate and scale your workouts to your fitness level. Tom, Donna, Marco and Carol make you feel like family! Thanks for everything!
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Vince M.

I won't say I've been to a lot of boxes, but I've been to a few and in my experience I can honestly say that Crossfit Descendants has been the most welcoming. The coaches are all very knowledgeable, the members are all great people, and together everyone creates an awesome environment.
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Sam S.

I've been dropping in a few times when I visit family. I CrossFit in Vegas and they have always been welcoming. Coaches are great and motivate you. I would highly recommend this facility if you are looking for to try out CrossFit and in the area.
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Don Vacca

Down from 296 to 240 and still going!  Lost 50+ pounds, off all cholesterol medications, perfect blood pressure, completed  full marathon within 11 months of beginning CrossFit. Began Paleo diet and feel better. I love my new friends at the gym, I miss them when I can’t go and workout and visit. The environment the trainers have created suites me fine and it is something that is very difficult to put into words. CFCH saved my life. No doubt about it.  
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